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Acurovision staff and equipment make your vision a reality. HD camera packages, lighting equipment, teleprompter, professional audio gear, all staffed by dedicated and experienced staff. This makes for a winning video production.

Audio Visual Staging

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Acurovision can handle all of your audio visual needs. From a simple lcd projector and microphone, to a full production with a sound system, lighting, and multiple screen video projection all set up and staffed to your specifications wherever and whenever you need it.  Acurovision can take your project from conception to completion all under one roof.

Acurovision editors excel at creating dynamic programming by combining the latest software, graphics, audio, and  their personal creativity. Online proofs can be posted to allow for distance edits and to allow feedback from more participants while saving you the time and inconvenience of travel to the editing suite.

Save money, reach a larger audience, and increase personal visibility.  Acurovision can stream your event live over the internet to an unlimited audience, able to watch the action live in HD on any device of their choice, anywhere in the world.  Video streams can be public or private and secure.

No software needed.  We provide the link, your audience just has to click.  Up to 5 cameras, audio,  graphics, b-roll, powerpoint, all live mixed and streamed.
Let us show you how video streaming can benefit your company.  Call today.